Group Leader Programs

Group Leader Program

#1. Free Travel for Group Organizers

Our work is made easier when a leader of an organization, a family or a group of friends is a magnet for creating a group. We want to reward and incentive you, if you are such a person. We can usually negotiate a free trip for every 10 people you bring.

We can create small group trips limited to your group of 10 or more.

We can accommodate group organizers free of charge at our splendid Chateau De Pys in the French Countryside when you organize a group to occupy the Chateau for a week or more.

#2. Donations for Your Cause or Organization, Travel Benefits for Your Family and Friends Group

Ageless Traveler will make donations to the organization of your choice, bring revenue to your business or reward you and your family and friends personally with a cash award. Each group trip brings different rewards that are tailored for your needs.

#3. Assisted living, CCRCs, Residential Settings and Senior Centers:

We are able to create a revenue stream for your facility, if you wish. If you prefer, we can create a “travel scholarship fund” to support travel for your constituents who cannot afford to take a trip.

We are always willing to make a unique arrangement with our group partners.

#4. Travel Agents

We are not travel agents. We work with travel agents and tour packagers to bring them clients that would generally not travel except for our outreach. We can work together in many ways, revenue sharing, affiliate programs, and other creative ways.


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