Chioggia is Venice in Miniature

By Sharon Streicher

Chioggia is on a small island at the southern end of the Lagoon of Venice. As the mini me of Venice it is a fishing port with a canal, small bridges, an attractive vegetable market and a variety of tourist shops and fish restaurants. In the morning, take a deep breath and head into the fish market where you will see the freshest fish around which wind up in the fish restaurants in town. By the way, the prices in the restaurants are more modest than Venice. The tiny restaurant I ate in was called Murphy’s Club and was on a side street past the vegetable market. Our lunch consisted of delicious scampi, some pasta and wine for about 10 euros per person.
The main street is Corso del Popolo where many shops, cafes and markets are located and you probably will not find many Americans. As you stroll along the Corso look for the ancient clock tower and museum, which has limited hours of operation, and continue to the end at the Piazzetta Vigo. This is a picturesque square which allows you to cross a bridge guarded by stone lions to find a church called the Chiesa di Domenico to view paintings by Tintoretto and Bassano.

If you would rather get a little sand in your toes, head over another bridge to the beach town of Sottomarina where you can roll out your towel and lie on the sand or rent a beach chair and umbrella and use the facilities.

The trip to Chioggia can be done by ACTV bus, currently 80E from the Piazzale Roma which leaves every half hour and takes about 60 minutes, or the once per day boat (this may be the Linea Clodia) during July and August from Saint Marks Square. Make sure you know what time the return boat leaves Chioggia for Venice. Accessibility—while the streets are flat there may be a few small bridges to cross if you wish to access certain sights. For some folks it is a little easier to board the boat to travel to Chioggia than the steps for the bus. Happy travels!