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Ageless Traveler, LifeLong Travel Made Easy™ is devoted to assuring that you and your loved ones can travel anywhere, anytime and at any age. Our mission is to empower you to be a lifelong traveler with the know-how, tools, products and resources which lead to the experiences you crave.  Read our full story.


Ageless Traveler, LifeLong Travel Made Easy™ is the consumer division of Ageless Traveler Consulting, www.AgelessTravelerConsulting.com, a marketing, branding and strategic alliance consultancy that advises the hospitality industry on how to build, staff, and create experiences that attract the boomer and older adult. Clients include hotels, spas, tourist boards, CVB's, restaurants and tour packagers who seek to attract boomers or older adults for business or leisure travel.

We are famous for our "LENSING”, experiencing through the eyes of the target market and includes staff training health and safety issues, breathable rooms, universal design and much more. Ms. Berg believes that: “The Boomer psychographic is aging in a new way, and demands total inclusion in design and service. We must deliver a seamless universal environment with satisfying design along with respectful service and the correct supporting products."


Adriane Berg is the CVO of Ageless Traveler and Ageless Traveler Consulting, and our “Chief Bucket List Implementer,” dedicated to making sure that your travel dreams come true. Ms. Berg is a world traveler and consultant to Malaysia, China, Zambia and Uzbekistan in attracting the mature traveler.

She is a New York Times Age Beat Fellow, awarded that designation by the International Longevity Center under the auspices of the late Pulitzer Prize winner Dr. Robert Butler. She is one of the leading media voices in travel writing to reach the Boomer, active senior and generation Y. Ms. Berg began travel writing in 2004 with a column in Journal America, and later in Spectrum Magazine, and Balance Magazine. She is the author of numerous freelance columns and articles, such as the Cat Museum of Kuching in Cat Fancy Magazine and has made multiple appearances on OPRAH, Regis and Good Morning America.


Ms. Berg was a radio talk show host on WMCA radio beginning in the mid-1980s and continuing for over twenty years with WABC radio and syndicated on Westwood One. Ms. Berg was also the host writer of IRS Tax Beat a television series that aired on Financial News Network and Money Talks on the learning Channel. Ms. Berg is the author of thirteen books, and a monthly contributor www.Boomer-LivingPlus.com.


Co-Founder, Stuart Bochner is an attorney and entrepreneur, with a specialty in management, technology, publishing and web/internet presence.

He has been a contributor to numerous books, articles and manuals including: The Totally Awesome Money Book, The Totally Awesome Business Book, Critical Path Success, and Murder Ink. Mr. Bochner was publisher and editor of “Wealthbuilder Newsletter”, from 1990 to 2006 and the “WealthBuilder Stock Alert Service” from 1999 to 2005.

He has contributed to the design and content of many websites, and is considered a specialist in website communication for boomers and older adults.     


Under a Tree (UAT) offers many hospitality services including turn-key health and wellness facility, product and service development as well as quality assurance audits. In addition to providing concept, design and operational

components of the business, we support our projects by offering clients a fully customized health and wellness program experience.


In partnership with key associates, we specialize in creating distinctive, fully integrated opportunities that fuse health and wellness treatments and diagnostics, fitness, mind/body practices, food and nutrition, sensory journeys, and educational programs that elevate visits into transformational experiences.